At Krest Engineers, we uphold the following H&H modeling philosophies dearly:

1. The best H&H model is the simplest one that would solve the targeted problems. We will always find the most cost-effective solution for our clients and we will not overly model a project without clearly added values or benefits.

2. A H&H model is essentially a mathematical description of water flow with reasonable simplifications and assumptions and it is not an exact reflection of real-world conditions. We recognize its shortcoming and capabilities so we will always set up H&H models to meet the specific goals and expectations of each project by disregarding extraneous factors.

3. We do not blindly trust or rely on any direct modeling results, and instead, we will try to understand and interpret the results from an engineer’s perspective to ensure the modeling results are indeed meaningful and helpful to solve the targeted problems.

Krest Engineers specializes in applying advanced 1D and 2D H&H modeling tools to simulate the movement of water through a hydrologic system and the interaction of water with the surrounding environment under existing and proposed conditions.

Jim Han and Sahas Shrestha, two founders of Krest Engineers, are experts of utilizing H&H modeling tools to understand and solve local or regional flooding problems, including HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, XPSWMM, PCSWMM, and InfoWorks. From 2021 to 2022, Jim and Sahas served as H&H Modeling Project Manager and Task Lead for Region 4 and 6 in Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI), a statewide watershed 1D and 2D H&H modeling mega project which encompasses the entire State of Louisiana.