Civil and Drainage Design

Civil and drainage design service at Krest Engineers involves the planning, design, and implementation of infrastructure projects, ensuring that they meet safety, functionality, and aesthetic requirements. We work with clients to understand their needs, budget, and timeline, and then develop comprehensive engineering designs that take into account local regulations and criteria as well as environmental factors.

At Krest Engineers, we strive to deliver economical designs by utilizing standardized details and products, while also possessing the ability to design specialized structures that can accommodate a wide range of challenging field conditions.

Hydrology & Hydraulics

At Krest Engineers, we uphold the following H&H modeling philosophies dearly:

  • The best H&H model is the simplest model that would solve the targeted problem. We will always find the most cost-effective solution for our clients and we will not overly model a project without clearly added values or benefits.
  • A H&H model is essentially a mathematical description of water flow with reasonable simplifications and assumptions and it is not an exact reflection of real-world conditions. We recognize its shortcoming and capabilities so we will always set up H&H models to meet the specific goals and expectations of each project by disregarding extraneous factors.
  • We do not blindly trust or rely on any direct modeling results; and instead, we will try to understand and interpret the results from an engineer’s perspective to ensure the modeling results are indeed meaningful and helpful to solve the targeted problems.
  • Krest Engineers specializes in applying advanced 1D and 2D H&H modeling tools to simulate the movement of water through a hydrologic system and the interaction of water with the surrounding environment under existing and proposed scenarios.

Jim Han and Sahas Shrestha, two founders of Krest Engineers, are experts of utilizing H&H modeling tools to understand and solve local or regional flooding problems, including HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, XPSWMM, PCSWMM, and InfoWorks. From 2021 to 2022, Jim and Sahas served as Project Manager and H&H Modeling Task Lead for Region 4 and 6 in Louisiana Watershed Initiative (LWI), a statewide watershed 1D and 2D H&H modeling mega project which encompasses the entire State of Louisiana.

Site Development and Permitting

At Krest Engineers, we provide high-quality and reliable civil site development engineering services. We specialize in designing and developing infrastructure for both commercial and residential properties. With our experienced team of registered Professional Engineers, we ensure that your project is completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction.

  • Feasibility Study: Our team of experts performs a thorough analysis of the site to identify any potential issues that may impact the development of the project to ensure practicality and viability of a project before you purchase the land.
  • Site Development: We provide reliable and professional civil site development services for commercial and residential properties, and ensure that we create a design that is functional, safe, and acceptable to local jurisdictions.
  • Site Grading and Paving Design, Utility Design, Detention Basin Design, Plan and Profile Development.
  • Engineering Service During Construction: We oversee the construction process to ensure that a project is completed according to the plans & specifications and meets all applicable regulations and standards. Our team provides regular progress reports and conducts on-site inspections.

Program Management

Program management is the process of overseeing multiple related projects and initiatives as a cohesive program. It involves coordinating and aligning individual projects to achieve a shared set of goals, while also managing risks, resources, budgets, and timelines across the program as a whole.

Jim Han, as recently as in 2023 served as the H&H discipline program manager for two major infrastructure projects in Harris County. These two projects, namely the HCTRA BFH Program and the METRO Inner Katy BRT Project, have budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Jim collaborated closely with the project owners and engineering consultants to ensure effective coordination and management of both projects, leading to improved resource utilization, better communication, and finally greater outcomes for the benefit of the public.

Independent Technical Review: Krest Engineers provides independent technical review service to ensure your projects are done per the required criteria, codes, and regulations.